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My name is Amanda, owner/creator of Fallow Boutique. I am a wife to the most lovely human I have ever known, mom to two beautiful boys and one magnificent bonus daughter.

My biggest love is my God, then my family, and lastly my career. Everything I do in all aspects of my life is for my husband and kids. My hobbies include exploring with my family, roller skating (aspire to be a derby Mama), and food! I love to work, but I think my love for work just helps me to do what my heart truly desires, which is to reach people. I have a deep desire to help people learn who they are in business and in life, and to help them reach their highest potential so that they may go on to affect others in a life altering way. I believe every single person that crosses your path is intentional and we all have a duty to explore what that means. What you do with the person set before you, creates ripples that will reach beyond your time on this earth.

This boutique was created for me to reach moms and women through fashion and community. We strive to provide a clothing line that compliments mom bods. Something that is comfortable, modern, and makes you feel confident and beautiful. We hope to grow our online store to benefit many more women with our products and with flexible positions in our company. Fallow Boutique is here to serve you, and we desire that you would enjoy your shopping experience!

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