Have you met “Grace”?

Grace is favor, forgiveness, and compassion, building and restoring relationships, humility, healing, empowering growth, empathy, and strengthening community. Everything that God felt toward us when he sent his only Son to die on a sinner’s cross for our salvation. All of the things that we don’t deserve, yet are given to us in our deepest, darkest, most vulnerable moments. God’s grace will change the direction of someone’s life.  

I don’t even have to ask if there’s ever been a time in your life when you’ve needed grace. But I wonder if someone was there, ready to catch your fall? Ready to show you how to get back up? And encourage you to keep going? Giving you a space free of judgment? I was speaking with a sweet friend today and she mentioned that she needed a “Grace” in her 20’s, but don’t we all need grace every single day?

Let me tell you how “Grace”, met grace.

“Grace” is a young lady, coming into womanhood, who hasn’t had a real fighting chance at life. She’s maybe been pushed out of her home, left her home on her own, or never really had a place to call home. Maybe she hadn’t experienced or knew what love was, or maybe the love she’d known was broken home. Abandonment, trauma, and loneliness are all too well a part of her story. But let me tell you how “Grace” met grace.

In 2010 a calling came full circle for a woman by the name of Becky Shaffer who had experienced abuse in her home which ultimately led to her being placed in foster care at the age of 12. At a crossroads in their adult lives, Becky shared with her husband, Kent, about a ministry that the Lord had laid on her heart. After Becky shared this with her husband, she returned to work and had the opportunity to share with a lady she was serving. This lady felt strongly that she needed to do this and even gave her contacts to pursue. She came back to Becky with a sign (literally) that said “Amazing Grace.” The instant Kent saw this sign, he and Becky knew that it was no mistake that God had led them to fulfill this ministry called “Saving Grace.”

You have to see this play out in real-time! “Grace” needs us, would you be a woman to support these young ladies?

Visit www.savinggracenwa.org to learn how young women get a second chance to live and love, grow and change, recover and heal. We’re giving “Grace” a second chance at life because we’re Better Together!  

From the Heart: The Power of Serving and Giving Back

In a world that often emphasizes personal achievement and success, there’s a remarkable source of fulfillment and joy that arises from serving and giving back to others. From a woman’s perspective, the act of giving not only nurtures the soul but also has profound benefits for the heart. This three part blog will explore the reasons why serving and giving back are so crucial for the restoration of a woman’s heart, highlighting the emotional, psychological, and physical rewards that come with acts of kindness and generosity. Being true to how we were created by our heavenly Father. We should unapologetically embrace this and encourage it in one another!

 Cultivating Empathy and Compassion:

We should share personal stories or anecdotes with one another that reflect how acts of service have helped us connect with others on a deeper level. I can’t wait to start relaying to all of you, my stories and all of you relaying to me and the rest of the Fallow ladies, your stories! To what great blessings and grace have come to you through service and loving each other!

We need to be talking to each other on how practicing empathy and compassion through serving each other, our family’s and our communities can lead to more meaningful relationships. How, by doing this, we get a greater sense of community.

Boosting Mental and Emotional Well-being:

Now ladies, there is some actual science behind it, it’s called the “helper’s high” – the rush of endorphins and positive emotions experienced when doing good for others.

In the late 1980s reports of the “helpers high” started circulating. People were reporting feelings of elation, exhilaration, and increased energy after they did a selfless act or service.

Steve Culbertson, president of Youth Service America, a volunteer resource center in Washington D.C. said, “It gets under your skin.The real big secret to service to others is the majority of the benefits accrued to you. It just becomes who you are. It’s not something you pick or choose, it’s just part of your nature and makeup.” 

I agree! God made us this way and I believe as ladies that we feel it the deepest! 

There was another study done by a researcher named Allen Luke. He studied over 3,000 Americans involved in volunteer services and found that the feelings lasted several weeks. Interestingly, the euphoric sensation returned when individuals simply remembered the action.

Researchers discovered that helpers high is more than just a feeling. Biochemical analysis revealed that the high is accompanied by pausing changes in the body’s immune function and the lower level of stress hormones.

This is God’s perfect design for us. When we walk through life together we lead healthier, happier, more stress free lives. (1 Peter 3:9, Romans Chapter 12 ) 

A quote that I recently read that I love by Sir Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we get but we make a Life by what we give”

 Creating a Sense of Purpose:

I read that when people serve one another it gives them a sense of purpose beyond personal accomplishments. I personally know this to be true. I see that everyday in my life and the lies of those around me that serve daily. I see joy in their eyes and peace on their face.   

There are many studies out there that show that having purpose in your life will help you live longer, sleep better, and have a more robust immune system, lower stress levels and better cognitive function. It has also been linked to increased life satisfaction and a reduced risk of mental health issues.

It’s no accident that you see headlines that are generated by the subject, literally hundreds of podcasts, it’s a theme of sermons and the subject of self-help books by the thousands and for good reason. We are created to serve! Serve our lord and Savior Jesus Christ, serve our families, and serve each other. Fallow Ladies are so amazing when we’re walking through life together!

Remember, You’re our Heroes!!