Have you met “Grace”?

Grace is favor, forgiveness, and compassion, building and restoring relationships, humility, healing, empowering growth, empathy, and strengthening community. Everything that God felt toward us when he sent his only Son to die on a sinner’s cross for our salvation. All of the things that we don’t deserve, yet are given to us in our deepest, darkest, most vulnerable moments. God’s grace will change the direction of someone’s life.  

I don’t even have to ask if there’s ever been a time in your life when you’ve needed grace. But I wonder if someone was there, ready to catch your fall? Ready to show you how to get back up? And encourage you to keep going? Giving you a space free of judgment? I was speaking with a sweet friend today and she mentioned that she needed a “Grace” in her 20’s, but don’t we all need grace every single day?

Let me tell you how “Grace”, met grace.

“Grace” is a young lady, coming into womanhood, who hasn’t had a real fighting chance at life. She’s maybe been pushed out of her home, left her home on her own, or never really had a place to call home. Maybe she hadn’t experienced or knew what love was, or maybe the love she’d known was broken home. Abandonment, trauma, and loneliness are all too well a part of her story. But let me tell you how “Grace” met grace.

In 2010 a calling came full circle for a woman by the name of Becky Shaffer who had experienced abuse in her home which ultimately led to her being placed in foster care at the age of 12. At a crossroads in their adult lives, Becky shared with her husband, Kent, about a ministry that the Lord had laid on her heart. After Becky shared this with her husband, she returned to work and had the opportunity to share with a lady she was serving. This lady felt strongly that she needed to do this and even gave her contacts to pursue. She came back to Becky with a sign (literally) that said “Amazing Grace.” The instant Kent saw this sign, he and Becky knew that it was no mistake that God had led them to fulfill this ministry called “Saving Grace.”

You have to see this play out in real-time! “Grace” needs us, would you be a woman to support these young ladies?

Visit www.savinggracenwa.org to learn how young women get a second chance to live and love, grow and change, recover and heal. We’re giving “Grace” a second chance at life because we’re Better Together!